Love Letters

The Finishing Touch


 A love letter from the Father



Let’s put on the finishing touch as you are endowed with Heaven’s help. Shake away the pain and rejection from the assaults. When one route closes a new one will be uncovered. My loving support is the center of who you are. 


Let people say whatever they want and just laugh at the critics. Just focus on Me as I lift you higher. The more that was against you, the more you will be honored. 


Those who scold and mock you now will soon be imitating your ways. My favor and love are pouring over your name. Those who have spoken against you will see that you are one who I have guided and loved. 


Those who disapprove and condemn you will come back with apologies and respect. Hold onto good thoughts and ignore the clammer of every negative. Soon those who were against you will discover and understand that you are so much more than what they thought.


I am on your side and that is a matter of fact!  Respect and honor are replacing the place of sorrow. Be cheerfully expectant with new hope. Don’t quit now, but believe for even better! Watch what I do–I will be so good to you!  


Wait until you see what you’ve become!  I am about to put on an extraordinary display as I raise you up above the speculations. The unwanted outward conditions are melting away to reveal remarkable beauty–unlike anything else! Expect more and more blessings to come!




Written by Dannette



To bless:

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