Love Letters

A Sweet Escape


A love letter from the Father



I am here to wipe away your tears. Lay your head on My shoulders and just breathe a while here. Let Me take you on a sweet escape to explore the depths of My ever-personal love.ย 


Think about what you hope for and meditate on My love. Love always hopes and always expects the best in one another. Have faith in Me, My dear little one.ย  Let your thoughts be a sanctuary of worship as you think about a good outcome.ย 


I will help you and comfort your needs with My unconditional love and unstoppable provision. Like soothing water making ripples in the sand on the seabed, I will cover every anxious thought with calming comforts of My loving support and kindness.ย 


All that you need will be generously covered with plenty left over. My love never stops loving and the promise that I made to you will never run out. Love always protects and endures beyond any condition or appearance of drought.ย 


It will feel so good and nice to be free from the worry! I am lightening your load and giving you relief so that you can rest easy. It will take your breath away–when you see the refreshing oasis of My love pouring over!ย 




Written by Dannette


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