Love Letters

Worry No More


A love letter from the Father


Worry no more My cherished darling. I am making things easier for you to evoke feelings of joy and comfort. I can see what nobody sees. Why are you so distressed over these troubles? Don’t you know that I love you more than anything that you can even fathom? 


I know that you feel like sinking into the agony of worry, don’t be afraid because I am doing something to alleviate the heartache. Every road leads back to My promise and you can rest assured–it will be accomplished. What I am about to do will bring you to your knees with cheerful relief. 


I will pull you out of the fog of despair and back to the realization of your hopes becoming tangible. My goodness will break through just for you, like clear moonlight glistening through the sequoias. 


When the present troubles cover your mind with gloom, simply think about and imagine the promise coming to life. After all, if you are going to hold onto a thought, have it be about something good! Let the peace of My promise be the only thing that you see. 


I am always here. There is no need to worry or exert yourself trying to solve this problem. There is no secret formula that you need to unravel and nothing that you need to do to earn the fulfillment. I am in your midst–lingering with love–to comfort you again. 


You may need a reminder, to anticipate the best from Me. The power of My love is working within you to do more immeasurable things than you have ever considered or thought. 


Let’s make this time your own little retreat–that moment that you have been dreaming of. The happy ending of My promise will just happen, like stars flinging out of the dust. 


Trust that it will happen for you! Think only of the fulfillment of My promises and watch your worries instantly melt away. Ahhhhhhh! Before you are even aware, the stress will smooth into sheer relaxation and a peaceful state of mind. 


Believe in Me to fulfill what you have asked Me to do. It will be sure to calm your mind and help you breathe deeply. The dusty air of fear is transforming into the materialization of hope–like gleaming gold breaking over the horizon. It will be truly captivating! 


I’ve got you covered! My promises are shining upon you. Ease into comfort as My love lifts you higher. My love is lifting you over this obstacle, like a candle uplifting a lantern of papyrus. You can always expect more than enough–until you are spilling over.  


Take a deep breath and don’t worry about these needs anymore. I will show up to turn your concerns into an immediate oasis as I make My presence known. I hope you enjoy this gift as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you! 


Like resting on a cushion of air interlaced with the kindness of My love. I am ready to make you feel completely content and comforted–like floating on a cloud. What I am going to do for you is something so outrageously good that you will never see it coming! 



Written by Dannette

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