Love Letters

You are Going to Love What is New!


A love letter from the Father



Things have changed now, dear heart. Itโ€™s time to reverse the hardship of how life used to be. I understand your worries, a big change can be scary, but I am going to great lengths to give you something special indeed.ย 


Every new beginning has to start somewhere and I am here to finish what I promised to do. Start fresh and continue ahead despite any fear or doubt. Take a big breath and jump in with both feet and a heart full of faith.ย 


You are moving in the right direction and you will benefit from this experience of renewed peace.ย I am going to delight you with a gift to cherish and take you on an encounter that you have never been or seen.ย 


The secrets of My big surprise are leaking out to be revealed to you. I am going the extra mile to bring you good and happy news! There is much more to come! You are in great hands and you are going to love what is new!ย 



Written by Dannette





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