Love Letters

My promise to you is still the same


A love letter from the Father



I know that you are aching down to your roots. Lay your fears into My hands sink deep into My all-protective love. I will be a fortress of security all around as you recline with relief into My goodness. Never stop believing in a happy ending.


There is another perspective than what you see. The situations that don’t line up at this time will fit together perfectly in the end. Everything will fall into place. I am always here to give you exactly what you need. 


What I promised to do will bloom into place and it will be like the unsettling troubles never even happened. Like a rose of true love growing up the Vine, My vows to you are unfailing and you will be able to move on with a new life. 


Even though it may feel like you missed what I promised, wait expectantly–because there will be fulfillment! Believe in the best and count on it to be–something wonderful is going to happen. I am always full of surprises! 


It will turn out just as you hope and I am going to make sure that everything is the way that you want it to be. Rest assured My dear little one–My promise to you is still the same. 





Written by Dannette


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