Cut the Cord




There was something that came up unexpectedly that took the wind out of my sails. It was something so deeply personal that I could not even share it. Instead, I went into a sort of depression and I wept for days non-stop. 


The thing that came against me was in direct confrontation with a promise that was made to me and I had to face fears that left me aching and broken inside. I have had so many things that I have been wanting to do, but the pain just consumed me. 


I know what God said about the situation, but the part that had me terrified is what would happen during the “in-between”. That week felt like a nightmare from all of the “what ifs” of foreboding thoughts that have been chasing me down like a vicious dog. 


I spent days praying alone with Jesus and placing myself and my loved ones in the palm of His hand. I was sitting in the pit of my despair and I was worried about what was going to happen and the Lord said to me, “cut the cord”. 


He gave me the understanding that when He makes a promise, it is a place of new life, like a baby. That baby is born by His word. But the pain comes when we try to hold onto every fear or worry regarding that promise. 


When a baby is born the umbilical cord is cut because after the baby is born, the blood vessels in the umbilical cord begin to close. The baby needs to be nourished in a new way as he makes his way out of the womb. 


I realized that the beginning of the promise of being born can often start through pain, as the winds of change blow and the natural endings collide with the Kingdom’s beginnings. 


Much of my grief during that was because I was holding onto everything and everyone that I was worried about. I was unknowingly holding onto the umbilical cord and resisting the changes that needed to take place for the new life to start.


The only way to be free of all of the pain and worries when the whirlwind hits and everything is being shaken is to surrender all. I didn’t realize then that I needed to surrender the fears, circumstances, and people involved to God and rest in His love and protection. 


It can be hard to trust when the ones that you love more than your own life are the ones that could be affected. I had to surrender them to Him and trust that Papa loves us all enough to wrap us in His protective arms. I had to trust that His promise is true–even though the winds of opposite conditions were blowing through. 


My whole life is in His hands and the only way to really know if we can trust Him to show up with His intentional love is to surrender everything to Him and take a trust fall. 


I have read that it can be beneficial to take a short pause before cutting the cord. By waiting for just a moment, it is said to deliver a surge of rich oxygen-blood to the baby. 


Likewise, it helps to take a little time to thoroughly surrender the heartbreaking worries to God and place those that we love in His protective love. Then we need to cut the cord of attachment to fear and worry and let all of the fears and loved ones be placed in the Father’s hands.


I have heard a quote once from somewhere that said, “suffering comes from attachment”. It made me realize that suffering is an indication to put surrender all of the pain, worry, and fear to God.


When worries come, then we know that it is time to cut the cord to all of the “life worries” of all that we fear could go wrong and rest in the loving promises from God. Jesus will catch us, just like He always promised to do. Not because we may feel like we have a life worth living, but because He is the love of our lives. ❤



Thanks for reading!

Love, Dannette