Love Letters

Your Helper



A love letter from Jesus



 Things will speed up and move along swiftly now to take place faster than you realize. One thing will happen right after another as I cause things to be as I  promised. You will not be put to shame or disappointed.  I will not delay to give you the justice that you have asked for.


I love you too much to hurt you, so don’t be afraid of falling. My love will breeze on through to give you the freedom for which you have been longing to see. Release all of your anxieties, worries, and deep concerns into My hands–once and for all–as you trust fall into My plan.  


I am your trusted Refuge and I will watch over every detail with the deepest affections of love and kindness. Nothing that stands in your way is a match for Me. You can depend on My enduring love and unwavering favor. 


No voice raised against you will successfully prosecute you–there will be no battle. Those who even try to come after you will stumble and fall, while you are pampered in My loving-kindness. 


You will walk unharmed through the illusions of fear and taste the sweetness of My promise. Who are you afraid of? I will fight your fight and give you a feast of goodness in the midst of your troubles. I am here for you and I will not give you over to what you fear–instead, you can expect the opposite to be true!


The arrogance of man will be conquered and brought low, and those who are proud of heart will be humiliated and openly exposed. But you will prosper and succeed as I raise you up with honor and strength. 


Never lose hope and stay expecting. You are being lifted up above those things that have threatened you. This is a gift from Me to you–an expression of My love that is unlike anything that you have had before. Wait for and confidently expect to see the tangible display of My goodness, as your helper and very best Friend. 




Written by Dannette

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