Love Letters

Unexpected Gift


A love letter from the Father




It may look like there is nothing more to help–but look again–there is something special that I reserved to make a way for you!  Tucked away from your view and yet within your grasp, there are bountiful gifts that I have hidden, that are being revealed at last! 


Like tree nuts that have fallen to the ground and are stashed away like a blanket within the long grass, deliberate gifts of My love are going to emerge to give you a sensational surprise. 


Beneath the trees and in a place that is unseen–there are trillions of microorganisms–creating blessings of multiplication. Left undisturbed by enemy attacks, they perform their intricate task to pull down the unseen carbon from the air to create the richest soil for plentiful provisions. 


Even in the midst of enemy attacks, you will encounter outrageous blessings. There is an unseen and unbreakable connection between Me and you. Nothing will ever be able to stop My love from providing for all of your needs and protecting you. 


The promise of My abundant provision to you is unfailing, like nuts that protect themselves with a hard outer shell–as a locked vault that guards a costly treasure. Like raising up the draw bridge when a castle is threatened, the trees release a fragrance of distress when plagued with an insect infestation. 


The vivid canopies of green leaves reach into the sky. In the places that you are always looking and right before your eyes, you will be undoubtedly blessed! I always plan ahead to give you the very best, like trees holding secret provisions for you within their leafy colonnades. 


Sweet fruits that you can smell but not see are bending the tree branches low and falling into your hands, with the sweetness of melted chocolate at Christmastime. 


Hold onto hope, like a nutcracker gift, even though you cannot see anything yet. Wonderful things are about to happen, as I fill your hands with more than you can carry. 


There will be an unexpected gift of abundance from My generous support. You will experience the luxurious comforts in this time that seems empty, like bathing as royalty in a tub full of fluffy-white bubbles and oils from roses. 


I will give you extra-warm comforts to make up for the bitterness of cold-winter warfare. From the pecan grove of My intentional provisions, I am producing more than you can eat or carry in your hands.  


I will do this for you! Be watchful and expectant–I can be very unpredictable! A gift is something that is personally delivered–with no effort of your own. I will march out in front of you and unlock the places of secret wealth.


Now, I will make sure that you are comforted. I am going to surprise you with an unexpected gift, like sweet pecans being released out of season. You will be even more surprised as I crack through the unbreakable nuts with new opportunities and long-awaited open doors. 


The ground beneath your feet will transform like a castle, as My gifts are scattered all around you. The struggle that you have been feeling will melt into feelings of gratitude from My unexpected gift and you will find yourself in the loving arms of your Father. 





Written by Dannette

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