Love Letters

Back to Love Again



A love letter from the Father



 A story of heartache and pain is being re-told as I bring a personal promise that I made you back to the surface. Things will turn back to love again and second chances will be the place of a new beginning. 


I will fix what has been lost and broken. All that has been stolen will be returned to you and you will have all that is needed to start a new life. Don’t be afraid, the best is yet to come. 


See your way through the doubt, My promises will be kept. The landscape may have changed, but My promise to you remains. Nothing that you fear will happen, it is safe to let your guard down. 


Although it felt like you crashed down low from the destruction, you will now be raised up with My help of vindication and justice. I will heal what has been lost and destroyed to bring it back together. 


I will make your life beautiful, as I interlace every detail together. Relax into My care, knowing that you can trust My gentleness not to hurt you.  A little tension helps smooth out the tangles. Don’t be alarmed, this is how it is supposed to happen. 


Some things will be even more beautiful after they are resurrected. The promise of My love will persevere in any situation. Lean into My embrace with a deep surrender, as I weave your life with the beauty of My promise. 


Let go of your anxieties and the fearful thoughts of foreboding. Disconnect yourself from every trace of unbelieving. Link your thoughts together with the words that I have vowed and stay intertwined with My love as your ever-present support. 


Breathe in the aroma of My safe protection, like saturating your senses with the concentrated perfume of restoration. A fragrance of sweet memories is being released to all involved and you will begin to remember things that you thought you had forgotten. 


All of the loose ends are coming together now and you will see that it will all be much easier than you thought. Love is in the air and bringing the change that I have promised. From the farthest places of being forgotten and lost, My promise will hold everything together to bring the story back to love again. 





Written by Dannette

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