Love Letters

Making New Memories


A love letter from the Father


I am making new memories for you and re-writing your history. Comfort and ease will replace the pain and restriction. 


I have carried you through more than you have ever thought possible or dared to believe. I know the journey was not always paved with gold and there have been several difficulties along the road. 


That tears of the past are being transformed into raindrops of blessings. The deep grief that you have endured has created space for the immense capacity of tangible joy.


Put your hand in Mine as you push back the doubt and troubling emotions. Don’t anticipate or plan for bad things to happen, because of where you started. 


Forget about yesterday and don’t be afraid of falling. Trust that I love you as you let go and depend on My promise to hold you up with steady support. 


My promises will never lie and they will tell you more than what you can see with your eyes. All things are possible if you believe, despite what logic and reasoning deny. 


Anyone who hurts you is hurting the apple of My eye and I am on your side to keep you covered. Refuse to think about what you fear. The pain that you have felt is melting into a waterfall of unsurpassable love. 


If you can believe that the desire has already happened for you, then it will be done as you have asked. Don’t look down with a negative thought–not for a minute! Remain in the place of faith and expectation. 


Feel the joy of fulfillment, even if you cannot see it yet, even a little faith can accomplish the seemingly impossible. You simply cannot imagine how good this will get! 


Give thanks before you have it. Build yourself up with excitement to get the water flowing. Just think about what you hope to happen as you proclaim, ‘thank you! thank you!’ as if it has already been done. 


I am giving you everything that you have asked Me for–and so much more! When it rains, it pours! You never know what you will find when you least expect it. 


I am bringing things full circle as promises come to pass. New memories will be made for you to cherish with the element of surprise. 



Written by Dannette

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