Love Letters

Impact of A New Beginning


A love letter from the Father



Every detail of the path before you has been carefully planned out. I will keep you safe through each step and protect you from falling. Take My hand and feel the sovereignty of My love to care for you.ย 


Everything will be okay. You can depend on the opposite of what you fear to come true. Concentrate on the starlight of My words to help navigate through the desolate darkness.ย I will always light steps before you and remind you of the destination that I promised.


The overwhelming and even impossible appearing need before you will be taken care of,ย  I have already ensured that everything will turn out perfectly fine.ย 


You can have what you hope. Expect My generous favor, as you present your prayer request confidently and without fear. I will grant your heart desires and cause blessings to spill over to help you–for every need and time!ย 


I will always take care of you and look after all of your needs, all throughout the year. My promise to you is like a holiday gift that keeps on giving and giving. There is no end to My faithful provisions.ย 


I always hear your cry of distress and I will always show up with more than enough to comfort your heart. Donโ€™t sweat anything! My mighty hand will win this battle. I will fight those who fight against you and I will protect your children. I always have your back!ย 


I am your personal bodyguard–with plans of perfect precision and faithful protection. The intentions of those who plot against you will fail, but you will rest safe and sound with blessings overflowing!ย 


In just a little while, the wicked plans against you will vanish and although you may look for him–his place will be no more. I will extend the fulfillment of what you hope and I will make your prayers come true.ย 


Donโ€™t be afraid, but believe in the very best and remain confident in My presence to be there for you. Surely you will enjoy a full inheritance of every promise and enjoy the sweet serenity of an endless abundance.


ย I am taking you to a place of relief and ease with blessings that flow like water right out of the sky! Embrace the impact of a new beginning as I remove the restrictions and restraints.ย Your plans and hopes will be fulfilled–I will always remember My promise–and I will never disappoint you.ย 





Written by Dannette

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