Love Letters

Blankets of Love


A love letter from the Father




You are on a destined path, even if you cannot see it yet. I have an alternate ending to what you fear to give you tears of joy–despite what your enemies are planning. Sometimes the best source of relief is to target the root of the problem as every weed of fear is replaced with floral blankets of love. 


The pain of fear has deep roots that need to be removed. Stubborn toxic-fears are like over-growing weeds that cannot just be cut away or ignored. The only way to be clear of a fearful-mindset is to pull it away from the roots and replace it with loving thoughts. 


Heal the hurt faster as we remove those thoughts that cause you pain. Observe the feeling of tormenting fear and then let it go to Me. Release all that troubles you once and for all and refuse to think about those worries again. 


Focus on a good outcome and think about only what you hope to be done as I get rid of all of the fears and suffocating worries. You don’t have to understand how it will all work out. Just sink deep into My love with great expectations of who I am for you. 


Fear is love in reverse, you can plan on the opposite of what you fear to come true. Think about what you hope for and let My words of promise be your celebrated focus. The things that make you afraid will vanish with the wind and the hopes of the ungodly will perish away with him.  


The schemes of the wicked will only result in shame and frustration. Fear holds no power to manifest–it clings like a spider to a web of support–only to fall apart and be ruined. 


I am going to fix all of your worries. I will oppose the thoughts of the proud and give you rivers of grace and favor. Rest in My strong hand as you are lifted above the opposing conditions. Since I care for each intricate detail of your life, let Me carry all of your burdens and those things that cause you grief and worry. 


My power and protective love are wrapped around you–so you can laugh with joy over the latter days. I have formulated a grand design. Don’t worry about what you dread ahead, it’s going to be okay. 


Let Me link every fear to a new destination as I show you a positive result and a wonderful outcome. While darkness has plans to steal and destroy–My plans are guaranteed to give you a heart full of joy and a favorable outcome.


This is the beginning of your new life and I am giving you a new appetite to savor My goodness. Love expects the best–so prepare for the best outcome to manifest as you rest in the refuge of My unmovable promise. 


I have plans to give you good and praiseworthy moments with the ending that you are hoping and expecting. Put your faith in My love as you trust the stars of promise. Let your thoughts drift into faith-filled optimism and the atmosphere will begin to change around you. 


Take My hand as I cause beautiful things to blossom today and in the days to come. You will encounter even more of My support now and in the future. I am smoothing over the holes left from fear with even more tangible encounters of love. 


Every obstacle will simply be waved away as you recline safely in My arms. Be filled with hope and confidence as you capture the tranquility of My personal love. I will make you laugh with joy as I release a surprising twist to declare My love. 


The personal love of My promises will cover you to bring you light-hearted bliss and comforting happiness. You have new memories emerging and you will love what I will do! Let My intentional love be bigger than your comprehension. The sweetest moments are emerging out of the bitter places where fear has been lurking. 


You will start to feel more comfortable as threats of fear start to dissolve. Have positive beliefs in what will happen and give shape to the invisible with faith and trust. I will make sure that everything happens in the perfect way and in the perfect order. You will be generously provided for–with plenty left over. 


Your roots run deeper into My heart than anything that threatens you on the outside. A new life is starting today and it will be better than you expect. Out of nowhere, you will be immersed in flowery blankets of love that never wither or dry out. My blessings are springing up quickly to beautify this moment. 






Written by Dannette

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