Love Letters

A Time of Renewal


A love letter from Jesus


It has been a very long journey and now I am setting the tone for a whole new beautiful story. Let’s get you feeling like yourself again. This is your comeback from the affliction as you are placed in a nice comfortable seat and a sturdy foundation.  


The season of your life is changing. The fiery pressures that you have endured will begin to cool into a source of refreshing. The intense heat will quickly be changed–like solidified lava transformed into a rugged cliff edge on the Sea of Serenity.


No teardrop is ever wasted–every moment will become a rich blessing! From feeling weary with heartache under the waning crescent moon–you will be rejuvenated and relieved–as promises re-bloom under the direct contact of My intentional love. 


Like a rugged crater on the moon that was created by a monumental event–the heavy depression that you have endured– has made a profound impact to move My heart to deliver justice and help. 


Calm your wandering mind and don’t allow yourself to drift away with unsettling thoughts. You can trust Me to turn your hopes into a promised outcome. Bring your attention back to My love and envision your personal promises as being done. 


Soften your tension as you think from a very real place of being loved and protected. Begin to notice any areas of clenching resistance as you relax in My care. Slip into the role of a bystander, as I carry you into a new page of a life-long romance. 


I am bringing you back to balance, as the hardship is replaced with solace and comfort. Like being carried away to the Sea of Tranquility of a lunar mar–I am lifting you above your troubles and it will feel so good! 


I will support you no matter what. Don’t even worry about the needs ahead–in a short time–you would be amazed at what will spring up. There is plenty to cover all of your needs–like underground water on the Clavius crater of the moon–it is hidden in a place that you would not suspect. 


I am heralding you into a time of renewal to give you the sweet serenity of feeling untroubled. I will soothe away your pain as you are encapsulated by the calming waves of My steadfast love. 





Written by Dannette

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