Love Letters

Curse of a Caterpillar


A love letter from Jesus



Every time the caterpillar molts, she grows bigger and develops new skin folds. It is like going in circles and always expanding–she dreams of a butterfly life while being absorbed in a plump caterpillar body. 


Yet the caterpillar was designed for a much loftier purpose. The caterpillar eats nonstop–chewing and absorbing each and every promise. After a while, the unstoppable hunger of the caterpillar will molt into something very different…a new body plan. 


Like a caterpillar that was made for a higher calling, I have given you a future filled with the promise of a miracle transformation. My promise to you will not return to Me unaccomplished. 


Take some time to realign as I reveal the secret wonders of My metamorphosis. An orchestra of unseen changes is at work to bring out the miraculous. When the caterpillar goes into her last molt, something different happens.


She attaches herself by a tuft of silk to begin the process of aging in reverse. Instead of releasing the hormones that have been programmed to make her get bigger and bigger–she does not release them at all. 


This new command of blessing causes her to become radically different than what she was. The changes that occur behind the scenes come from the imaginal discs of tiny cells. They produce a totally new form to replace the one that always was.


The imaginal discs read the genetic blueprints of the butterfly’s new creation. Everything begins to change, as the cells work under new orders for a radical transformation. Soon the butterfly emerges with an entirely new shape and look. 


The fat cells of the caterpillar melt off as the slender cells of a graceful butterfly are created to bring a whole new life-form. The overweight pieces of her former life are ripped apart and rearranged to become captivatingly beautiful and oh so slender. 


The six chubby legs will transform into tall, slender ones. The leaf-loving worm will be rebuilt—using the power of My stored-up words. Her plump-chewing mouth is transformed into an elegant straw for drinking nectar and she develops four wings, which she has never had before. 


Like a caterpillar spinning into a silk cocoon–wrap your mind with thoughts of how you want to be–and act as if it has already happened. Keep your eyes on the prize and focus on the spiritual promise instead of the problem, as we plan a new you.


The power is in what you believe. Write what I promised into your thoughts and not what you presently see. Tell yourself a new story and imagine that it came to be. 


The miracle is here. See your life as you always wanted it to be–seek after My beauty and you will find it. Once the beauty of the butterfly has emerged, you won’t remember the pain of being a caterpillar. 


Those who plan goodness experience unfailing love and faithfulness. Release the negative past to make room for a positive new beginning. I will give you the very best care and answer your heart-felt prayers. 


Enfold yourself into My words as the things that trouble you begin to vanish. All of your problems will just fall away as I wrap you in My love and affections. 


Can you not discern this change of destiny breaking forth around you? This is the beginning of a miracle being made–as My plans and purposes burst forth. I will make good things happen for you and make your favorite dreams come true! 


The honor of your youth will be restored and you will be so happy that it will be impossible to keep quiet. The curse of the caterpillar to get uglier and bigger has become the blessing of the butterfly to emerge an undeniable beauty with a brand-new look. 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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