Love Letters

Patching Up Broken Wings


A love letter from the Father 



I am sorry that you have been through everything that you have been through. I have made this time very special, to pick you up from feeling down. 


Quiet your thoughts, like making a birdhouse for your soul. Rest in My refuge as I hold you in a place of supreme comfort. Now is the time for you to re-learn how to be happy. 


You are not alone, I know the depths of your soul. I have felt your pain, exhaustion, and the overwhelming feeling of despair. It is not about the anguish that you have endured, but how you have risen out of the hurts. 


The worst has ended and the hardest part of this transformation is over and gone. Don’t be anxious in a mode of fight or flight, waiting for the next round of hardship to come. Something good happening does not mean that something bad is ahead. 


New memories are being created from the tears in your eyes. From falling so low–you will ascend so high! 


To enjoy where you are now will require you to forget where you used to be. Don’t deny the pain of what you have suffered by drowning out hurtful emotions with denial or self-comforts. Tell me how you are feeling as you pour out the tears and empty the aguish to Me. Release the hurt and let it go, to finally be free. 


Things are not the way that they were before. You are in a new place and you have never experienced anything like this before. Settle into My blessings, like a bird hiding in a protective nest of twigs.


Bury the past for good and don’t dig it up again. See things in a new way as you focus on the promise as your new place to call home. There is no reason to fear the constant onslaught of attacks from the past–you are finally safe at last. 


Use My promises as a source of solace, like a winter bird puffing up his feathers to trap the heat inside. Concentrate on My vows, to stay warm and relaxed in My supportive refuge. 


You have reached a place that is beyond all that you hoped and now you will be confronted with My loving-kindness. Your life will change–with a difference that you can feel. 


Special moments require special attention. I am doing something remarkable to take your mind off of expecting the worst. 


You will be wrapped securely in My love, as I absorb the pain of the past. You will be beyond happy–as I patch up your broken wings–with an intense and deliberate treatment of plentiful comfort.



Written by Dannette





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