Love Letters

Enjoy the Present



A love letter from the Father



My love twirls and curls around every detail of your life with vigorous growth that tremendously increases over time. The areas where you have been laden with sorrow are being transformed into a lush oasis as you experience for yourself the richest measure of My personal devotion.ย 


Have no worries about anything. This is not the end of My love-filled blessings, but this is only the beginning of a colossal enlargement.ย My love gift to you grows like an English Ivy plant, flourishing upwards with increasing support.ย 


My love is toxic to fear and those things that have been troubling you are being pulled out. I am removing the bitter-roots of affliction to give you a mindful rest. Although old pains of fear may leave a mark, there is nothing to hurt you.ย 


Those fears are not really true but are illusions featuring futuristic stories that are flawed. Relinquish every fear, worry, and dread into My supervision. I will ensure that your hopes become a tangible outcome.ย 


The scars will fade as you are saturated in the healing petals of My love. In the meantime, let it be a reminder of all that you have overcome. Everything that you have been through has helped to beautify you more.ย 


Change your outlook about what is ahead and those situations will change for the better. Being confident in who I am for you is a great cure when facing worries and hope is a great remedy too.ย 


Even in the unending shadows of fearful threats, you will not be given over to what you fear, because I am protecting and comforting all of your steps. You will be soothed from every fear as you indulge in the sweet pools of My replenishing love.ย 


Instead of dread, be expectant to see My kindness and favor. Ask and it will be given, as you draw water down from the Mountain of My support. Give Me your request and be grateful it has happened–even before it does. When you feel thankful before you see the desire come to pass, then you are opening up your heart to receive the fulfillment.ย 


Smile and relax with confidence when you think about the future. I am already there–to satisfy your hopes! The clinging aerial roots of My faithful protection and loving provision are with you wherever you go.ย 


I am delivering a rescue for all of your needs and surprise gifts of comfort will be given even more freely. Like water branching off from a high mountain source, provisions will flow freely to flood you with resources and support.ย 


Things will change before your eyes, as bitter tears are turned into blissful moments. Plan on good news with unexpected comforts. Plentiful fruits will appear in bundles–super sweet and filling–with no bitterness!ย 


You will be able to enjoy what you have always wanted to do–and without restraint or worries. Enjoy the present! Your cup will always be more than half full. Expect an extra dose of love—over and above what you have prayed about.





Written by Dannette

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