Love Letters

The New You



A love letter from the Father



Don’t feel sad about where you are today, things are rarely as they first appear. Drift away above the clouds and see beyond this point in time. This will be like indulging in the aroma of melted chocolate before taking the long-awaited bite. 


My promise to you will come to life and all that is needed has been implanted within–like a radiant oak tree hidden inside of the acorn seed. Fall into My generous love as I radically change your outlook. This is a transformational moment–like changing into a butterfly. 


Let’s get away from everything that troubles you. Let go of every worry, doubt, and feeling of desperation. Detach yourself from replaying the negative conditions over in your head and completely forget about how bad things look. 


Relax, have fun and enjoy the promised outcome before it arrives! Laugh a lot more and become stressless–things are coming at just the right time! The absence of fearful resistance opens the way to effortless receiving. 


Come into focus to encounter your first taste of freedom. Return your attention to the end result of My promise. Live from that place of no longer wanting. My darling, you already have it. Absorb My promises as who you are as the power of My abundance flows through you. 


Many of your most treasured dreams will be birthed in the midst of circumstances that don’t match up. I have ensured that all that was lost will be replaced–as I herald your dreams into life. 


Look ahead to what I have promised and don’t see the problems in front of you. Imagine that the troubles and needs before you are already in the past. See what you would like your life to be like, using childlike imagination and trust.


Live as though the promise is already done and grow confidently with faith to feel the thrill of fulfillment. Rise with elegance like leaves reaching towards the sun, as you celebrate with uncontainable joy that it has been done. 


You will experience breathtaking beauty from My transforming presence. Your skin will be renewed, with the smoothness of a child and the splendor of your blossoming years will be restored with vigor and youth. 


I have plans to give you the hope of your final outcome. I give My children prosperity and peace– the Lord has spoken! Expect something good! I am going to proclaim My goodness over you. Yes–I will honor My vows and keep My promises. 


You don’t need to worry about how or when, things will unfold into one beautiful moment at a time–like individual beams of a perfect rainbow stretching across the sky. 


Remember that I am the One who gives you the power to flourish. Things are not as they look. Much is happening in the unseen realm, like oak trees being pollinated by the invisible wind. Blessing after blessing is pouring out to you–overflowing and beyond what you can hope or imagine!


Just as most acorns are planted by trees themselves, I have prepared many more beautiful things that you have never even thought about. You will be shocked by the tangible expressions of My love. 


Like thriving trees filling up the forest floor, you will prosper more and more until you are enormously blessed and a blessing to others. Enjoy where you are at right now…because everything as you know it will be changing very soon into the new you! 




Written by Dannette



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