Love Letters

Breathe Freely



A love letter from the Father 



Undisturbed one, be full of peace–in stillness–and calm. I have never failed you and I don’t intend to fail you now. Life as you know it is going to change, as I elevate you in a brand new way. 


You are in a different place now and it is no longer good to predict the future based on the pain from a familiar past. Stand in the place of My promise, as if you never knew anything else. Just breathe in My love as I honor My words. 


Take a big deep breath and find beauty in the chaos of unending thoughts. There is no need to fret about what is ahead, the things that you fear will soon flutter away in the wind. You can choose to think thoughts of worry or thoughts of faith. Every thought is like a seed that brings forth after its kind.


Dwell your mind in undisturbed peace–remembering that the authority of My word–extends even to the ends of the earth. Begin fresh and remember that there are no limits to the wonderful things that can exist in this present moment. I will pour out blessings in astonishing ways–like water running from a faucet.


Release your prayers to Me like fluffy dandelion seeds floating freely in the wind and trust Me to do it. Believe that you have received what you have requested with sky-high hopes, and it will be yours.


I will hold your world together through the sudden changes and winding curves. The beauty of My promise is in your embrace for I am reliable and trustworthy and faithful My promise. Realize and enjoy the full assurance that you have what you hope.


Good things are budding forth. Inhale the intoxicating aroma of promises blooming right on time. I am faithful to keep My promise of love. Feel so at peace! I am always with you and I promise to always bless you! 


All that matters to you will be carried by My comforting winds, like delicate petals being lifted and put into place. Relax into My care as I lift you up to the tallest incline to lovingly whirl into a free-fall of joy. 


Let your trust be settled in Me to fulfill your prayer request–and keep My covenant promise. Stay in a place of expectant rest as I carry you into fulfillment. Expect Me to throw caution to the wind to abundantly supply your needs in reckless abandon.


With a great big gust, you will receive an increase of momentum to cause your prayers to flourish. Instead of experiencing the outcome of fear, you will encounter the positive effects of a love-filled euphoria. 


Beloved, breathe freely! My love-blessings never run out. My generosity extends seed to the farmer and I am even more extravagant towards you! You can count on Me to provide you with more than enough of everything–and you will overflow so that you can be generous too! 





Written by Dannette

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