Love Letters

Comfort to the Core


A love letter from the Father



You have survived things that most people never have and many times the suffering has felt unfair. This isnโ€™t the end of the world. Everything will become much better, I am here to pick up the pieces and help you recover.ย 


Your best is yet to come. So forget about the past and the things that you fear could happen–fear is a lie. I have handled even the smallest details of your life, to ensure that everything is woven together for good.ย 


Match your imagination and thoughts with the words that I have promised, like synchronizing yourself to dance with My reflection. See your way through the doubt, one thought at a time. Begin to think of a good outcome and stay expecting for good news to arrive.ย 


The tears running down your cheeks are returning to you as twice the love and comfort. It will be like receiving bouquets of roses of unending joy to help you to laugh again. I have approached every detail of your prayers with the most delicate love to turn fear into faith and create glistening castles from the piles of sand.ย 


Beloved child, donโ€™t be afraid. The struggle that you have known is over and nothing is going to be the same. I have every aspect of your life surrounded with good plans to give you the most amazing feeling of encountering My kind intentions.ย 


The river of My love flows forever into your hands and I will not leave you empty. Keep an eye on the sky, like watching for Christmas. The stars of My promises are falling into fulfillment!ย 


I will cause you to prosper more and more as dust transforms into the enchanting glow of diamonds. I will bless you and fill you with tangible hopes, like star fragments washing up on the seashore.ย 


You will get what you are hoping and expecting. What you have been praying for is catching up to you, like a shooting star blazing into the atmosphere at a very high speed.ย 


It will happen very fast–leaving a streak of light in its path! A new and invisible door is opening to you. It is more than just an open door–I am bringing you comfort to the core.ย ย 




Written by Dannette

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