Love Letters

Treasures of Darkness


A love letter from the Father



Not only do I love you very much, but I am also going to cause something special to happen. You will be comforted, even when fears are lurking in the darkness. I am with you and I will continue to display the affections of My love and personal kindness.ย 


You have endured many difficult things all at once but now blessings will flow freely and things will be smoother. I will hold everything that concerns you together so that you can have the freedom to relax and enjoy this moment. You are held in My grace–once again–I will be very good to you!ย 


Your care is My priority. I want to set your mind at ease so that you are no longer afraid about what will come in the future. You can plan on the opposite of your fears to come true. Put your heart in My hands, I know what I am doing.


Focus on the good and find the beauty of My heart in the unknown and unseen. I will treat you to a sumptuous feast in honor of this sweet celebration of My love shining through the gloom. I have plans to take care of you and give you the future that you hope to be true.ย 


Sit back and relax, as I support you through My vows, as I always have. My personal love for you will always thrive under the most relentless pressures–like a woven bridge of trees–sturdy and unmovable.ย 


I know you far better than you know yourself. I understand the delicate nature of your situation and you can be sure that everything has been wrapped in the protection of My loving-kindness. I will flood you with an abundance and you will be surprised by the direct details of My loving intentions.ย 


Look forward to the future based on what I have promised and not the painful memories. Donโ€™t look back at the wounds from the past. It is all different now and I have drawn you close for a special time to start over.ย 


I will not disappoint you and My love will never fail you. My promises are bonded together to carry you into your fulfilled desire, like a bridge of trees. The rubber fig trees reach beyond the treacherous rivers with aerial roots that are entwined together in critical strength by a fusion of anastomosis.ย 


No matter where you are or what is going on, My loving provisions and faithful protection will remain wrapped around every detail of your life. My promises will always protect you, like snow insulating the roots and providing water for the grass during the harshest months of warfare.ย 


I’m getting something special ready, so loosen yourself from the worries and get excited. I have spread out a feast of My goodness–right here–in the midst of every attack. I will care for you completely–above and beyond what you are expecting.ย 


I am making My goodness pass right in front of you and you will see My movement right before you. I will treat you very well and I will be extra kind. Your arms will be heaped with the falling gifts of My love-in-action.ย 


You can be sure now that you will see My goodness for yourself! I will honor you and be true to you–and Iโ€™ll be overly generous with acts of My goodness. Everything will keep getting better and better! You will be comforted with more than you have hoped as I reveal the lush and exquisite treasures of darkness.ย 




Written by Dannette

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