Love Letters

Revealing Something Unexpected


A love letter from the Father



In the process of a birdโ€™s molt, the feathers reveal chemical elements to mark the changes in time and where he has traveled. Like feathers from a bird, each moment of your life has been planned and drawn from My heart to bring you good things and an outcome that you hope to have.


My promises have been made just for you and like the patterns on a birdโ€™s feathers, your life will tell a story of My personal love being revealed to bring blessings–even in the midst of an attack.ย 


A bird releases its old feathers to make a way for new ones to grow. Hope is like the feathers of a bird, that helps him to fly. The power of hope can influence every part of your life to repel or attract.ย 


Old feathers can grow thin or become injured by parasites and hope that has been broken and unhealed can cause distrust or indecision from fear. I will help you move from being uncertain to certain to trust Me to bring your hope to life and your prayers to pass.ย 


With the wings of renewed hope, you are being relieved from the feelings of lost confidence that came from the unimaginable amount of disappointment and pain. You have nothing to worry about. I will carry you as I always have and I will save you from everything that makes you afraid.ย 


Let go of all that you have lost and the disappointments that caused you pain. Make today amazing as you focus on new hopes coming to pass. The future is yours and good things are being made tangible from the inside!ย 


Turn your hopes into a promised outcome as you lift up your heart with the gratitude of attainment. Make a change for the better as you stretch like a butterfly into thoughts of hope and fulfillment.ย 


You are receiving blessings from the warfare, like a butterfly drinking crocodile tears. I am delivering the fulfillment of your eagerly awaited prayers! Prepare for unexpected and overnight surprise blessings as I do immeasurably more than you can ask or imagine.ย 


Expect for something wonderful to happen as your hope-filled thoughts produce positive circumstances. Let the shadows of the past fly away and be courageous to trust Me to bring the beauty of a brand new day.ย 


Laughter relieves tension—I am causing you to laugh with joy as you encounter the sudden euphoria of good news. You are being nourished with new comforts as I reveal something unexpected to help you start over in a very good way.ย 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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