Love Letters

Changing Times


A love letter from the Father



I know that you want this all to be over, but let Me carry you into fulfillment as I finish what I started. It will be better for you to wait until the ride stops before getting off, you are too far along now to go back. This tunnel has been long and dark but you are coming to the light of relief at the end.


Your story isn’t over yet. This is not the end, even minor setbacks will open up to more added comfort. From the lowness of agony, you will rise to heights that far exceed what you have been imagining. You canโ€™t control what happens in a tornado, but you can avoid the destruction by taking refuge in My promise until it passes over.


Living through a crisis can lead to feelings of lost balance and thoughts of panic that prepare for the worst to happen. Yet rest assured, I will make everything turn out as you hope and your experience will be very good. Things that you never even knew that you lost are coming back into your possession to bring you more joy than you have ever dreamed.ย 


The outer world and inner world are in a collision as what I have promised emerges to the outside and the pain begins to vanish. Like a galactic dawn storm, the short-lived pain is being replaced by an intense brightening, as the morning light emerges from the darkest region.ย 


Like a star being created, your greatest honor is coming from out of the anguish that you have endured. A star begins at the end. Under the weight of its own gravity, the clouds and dust collapse and break down.ย 


Under the heat and pressure of its breaking, nuclear fusion ignites the brokenness and the beauty of a star is born. The end of the thing becomes better than the beginning. From a life that seems to be falling apart, you will be like a star that emerges out of the breaking with breathtaking brilliance.ย 


Donโ€™t let anything trouble your thoughts or cause you to worry. Relax in My promise as you continue to receive. If anyone attacks you, they will fall for your sake.


Although a wicked predator has destruction in mind–I have already ensured that you will have everything in unfathomable abundance–even more, than you expect or predict could happen.ย 


Health is your heritage and your life will be enjoyed much, much longer. Oh, Death, whoโ€™s afraid of you now? From My predestined victory, your life is being transformed like a woman who has a baby.ย 


This birth is changing every cell in your body to reveal the iridescent DNA of My glory that has been spoken. After all, I am famous for great and unexpected acts– thereโ€™s no end to My surprises!


I have told you what to expect, so that My joy and delight may be made manifest and overflowing. I will see to it that no one will trouble you or abuse you any longer. You will breathe freely–with no fear and no worries as I unveil the promise of My power.ย 


Everything is about to change! Like traveling back in time, you are moving into a chapter of reconciliation and recovery. Instead of ominous dread of what will come next, you will encounter the changes of good. You will see so much goodness coming at last with multiple miracles that will happen so rapidly fast~




Written by Dannette Lynn

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