Love Letters

Fall in Love


A love letter from the Father 




The sun is coming up, it will all be okay. Take a deep breath and feel the freedom of My promise becoming tangible. I am putting out the fires that were against you and replacing them with the perfect sweetness of My intentional loving-kindness. 


I have heard your prayers and felt your tears. The time has come for you to experience the generous heights of honor and favor. Disconnect from the thoughts of a negative outcome and resist the fearful imaginations that run wild. 


Fully let go of the back and forth pattern of hoping for Me to answer your prayers, but not being sure if you can have it. Giving your focus on what you do not want only causes faith resistance. Shoot your expectations high then rest in My favor. 


I will carry all of the pain and distress that you fear could be done and cause this situation to turn out just the way you hope for it to happen. Paying attention to details is an important part of My job and I have every single thing about your life perfectly covered. 


Fall into the full assurance of My protective love as I lift you up to a high place of beauty and honor. You will be filled more and more–blessings heaped upon you and your children. I will fight for you and win as you taste the delectable sweetness of victory and honor. 


All things will turn out to be very good and My love will be revealed to make many miracles happen for you. I have plans to give you prosperity and not harm. I will bring about the outcome that you hope to happen. I will defend you and give you incredible blessings! 


Breathe in My all-present love and breathe out the fear of a bad outcome. Inhale confidence, surely only My goodness and unfailing love will be your portion. Let Me lift you up as you believe that wonderful things are going to happen. 


You will be honored as one who walks with God and your prayers will be very influential as I demonstrate My favorable power. The words that you speak will be done just as planned, as you spread to others gifts of cheer as I fulfill them. 


Fall into Me–I will be right here with you–because I love you! Start living as if your prayers are already done as delightful gratitude brings tears of joy rolling down your face. You are being honored and raised to a new level. In no way will I ever humiliate or disappoint you. 


Instead of experiencing your fears, you will be swept away into an elevated place of luxury to warm your heart and put a smile on your face. Fall into My love and Trust Me in the unknown–a lovely gift is arriving. A surprise that erases all doubt is coming in a way that you never expected. 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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