Love Letters

Prepare for a Refresh


A love letter from the Father




Although you cannot yet see what tomorrow will bring or how the story will unfold, you can rest in Me to carry you through it. I will comfort you in a way that will help you forget what you fear and with a sigh of relief, you will encounter My love as ever-present and close. 


From the chaos of hectic situations, you will be submerged in gentle pools of peace and generous kindness. While the tempest is blowing, you will be secure and untouched–like being wrapped in the calm of the center of the storm of My unending love. 


Prepare for a refresh, like the gentle dew that covers the flowers, as I express to you the outward affection of My loving comforts. I am bringing to pass unforgettable moments of profound beauty to restore you to a place of child-like wonder and restful believing. 


Rain is rushing down into countless waterfalls to rinse away your teardrops and provide comfort from the pain that you have been feeling. You don’t need to worry. Things will unfold one after another to bring you joy like never before. 


All at once–blessings will pour out. Promises that I foretold will suddenly arrive one at a time and right in a row. You will experience a love of above and beyond what you thought, as streams of water run down from the high mountain top of the compassionate care of My heart.  





Written by Dannette Lynn

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