Love Letters

Underground Support


A love letter from the Father




Don’t worry, help is on the way. You have to look beyond the surface of how things seem, there are hidden provisions emerging from the unseen place of My personal promise.


I have prepared for all of your needs. Don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself. Just flow with the stream, as I carry you through the twists and turns. 


I know every small detail that crosses your mind. Feel safe in this moment, you are protected and cherished beyond all-knowing. I have everything that you care about safely hedged on every side and in every moment. 


The comfort of My love is coming close to relieve your heart with happy comforts, in place of what you fear or dread. I have prepared you for the center stage to celebrate a crowing of victory and honor. I love you deeply and there is nothing that will ever be withheld.


Like moving groundwater that fills wells and keeps rivers full, I am refilling you with My replenishing love. You will be drenched in blessings and honor–and completely overflowing with better than you hope. My loyal love and unparalleled goodness will always be by your side. 


Soak your roots in the deep invisible river of My love as you meditate on what I promised. Only a single touch will bring a rapid change as you are refilled from the underground streams beneath. All that you need is in your reach and expanding within you. 


Take refuge in the pools of blessings that are starting to fill and absorb the properties of My unending love. Very soon, the stream that you see will turn into a flood that covers you generously with more than enough. 


There are no limits to what can take place, just close your eyes as you listen to the sound of replenishing rains. The provisions of My love are so ample and constant–like a dewy mist saturating the air to help you breathe with the comforting freedom of My underground support.





Written by Dannette Lynn

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