Love Letters

Sooner Than Expected


A love letter from Jesus


You are safe from the storm and soon those things that have troubled you will move on. The sun is bursting through the clouds, and the rainstorm is beginning to subside. I will be your knight in shining armor to make things right. 


You will be filled with treasures of gold from My manifested word as your faith is rewarded. I will keep you safe from the wicked who attempt to steal honor and stalk with lies. My promises are pure and can be trusted, like silver refined in an earthen furnace, purified seven times. 


Brush off the despair and quiet your wandering mind. I will lift you into the deeply desired place of your longings. Only allow thoughts of joy and hope. Refuse to be distracted by foreboding thoughts.


 I am faithful to My promise from conception to completion. Don’t allow doubt to creep into your heart, but believe that what I promised will take place and it will be done. Absorb the possession of My promise with all of your heart and mind–and feel the excitement lifting you high!


Pay attention to your thoughts, like a stargazer zooming in on twinkling stars. It is all done from the inside. Believe first and then you will see–like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Get ready to encounter a radical movement of intentional love as we paint your world to match the dreams that you adore so much. Enter the Rainbow of My promise and experience the sheer delight. Trust and be confident that it will happen as I take you to the other side. 


Out of nowhere, the dark clouds will vanish as the splendid colors of My covenant shine into fulfillment. I will give you the outcome of your dreams and drench you with prosperity and peace in over-abundance. 


Be happy now and look towards the sunny side. Imagine that you are over the rainbow and standing in the thing that I promised in your life. Feel the security of My embrace and fling out into faith with all-abandoned joy! 


Erupt with thanks with unrestrained praise. During this monumental moment, you will see a beautiful sight- a rainbow from Heaven’s side! You will be satisfied beyond measure with promises fulfilled like gold as plentiful as pebbles. 


Sooner than expected everything will change. I will be very good to you and My loyal love will prevail time after time. Like gliding over the rainbow to touch the reality of your dreams–a miracle of My promise will be completed–at any moment and in a blink of an eye. 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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