Love Letters

Delivering What I Promised


A love letter from the Father



Lay your head on My shoulder and unload the unbearable burdens and soul-crushing pain. From a heart-sunken with sadness and a river of tears, I will comfort you through this delicate time and it will all turn out better than you believe.ย 


Instead of imagining the worst and fretting over what will come with unruly thoughts, you will be pleasantly surprised as I restore peace to your mind with the comforts of My love. It will all be much easier than what you fear and not at all as you dread.ย ย 


You will love how this story plays out and you will feel My invisible embrace as I envelop you with the security that you crave. My joy will be reflected everywhere, as the personal plans of My devoted love are played out.


Keep My promises to you on your tongue and pass them over and over in your mind. From that, a seed will emerge and sprout out that will ensure your hopes will happen. My promise to you is like a self-climbing, self-attaching evergreen that grows fast and aggressive.ย 


The pay-off for your faith will be bigger than an Oak, and My word will become tangible in a plethora of bright flowers that abruptly pop up out of nowhere at the most unexpected time.


A sudden turn will reveal a new landscape of panoramic beauty with unforeseen relief.ย  I will bring the delivery to what I promised–exceeding all of your expectations–and it will be on time every time.ย 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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