Love Letters

Better than you thought



A love letter from the Father



Although you dreaded the worst, things wonโ€™t turn out bad, but it will all be much better than you thought. I will make good things happen for you and fill you with blessings too numerous to count.ย 


Look at how far I have taken you and how I have guided you with instruction so graciously and warmly. I revealed to you a promised ending and I have given you vows of My ever-present love for you to draw out the miracle wonders of My presence.ย 


Allow Me to carry your worries and lay every trouble into My arms. Completely let go of the struggle between faith and doubt and trust fall into the kind intentions of My heart. There is nothing to fear because I am on your side and protecting every detail of your life.


Donโ€™t worry, a change is about to take place. I will give you a Fatherโ€™s help to guard your path and protect you from your enemies’ plans. I will hold you up with My hand of power and justice and he who is angry with you will be put to shame and humiliated.ย 


Take a stand of faith to expect good things as you bring your trust to a whole new level. Keep your hopes up in the clouds as I raise you in to your fondest desires. I will look after you, so trust and believe with the pure faith of a little child.ย 


Choose thoughts of faith and not fear–it must be one or the other. Fully let go of every fearful thought and only allow yourself to be consumed with faith-filled thoughts. I will rescue you from every fear coming to pass–O my deeply loved child!ย 


Base your life on anticipating My goodness as you lift up again with unwavering confidence. For surely I will drench you in peace and repay you with overwhelming comforts.


This is a turning point in your life and things are going to turn out much better than you thought! Your prayers are being answered and you will stand amazed as you see how intentional My love has been all along. Good news is on the way and I am bringing you into the security that I promised.ย 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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