Love Letters

Big Enough Umbrella


A love letter from the Father



My dear little one, do you think that I would leave you empty and helpless in your place of need? Look up from your grief and you will see that the help of My loving support is not far away. 


I will comfort you in the place of your need and keep you safe from the troubles that you see. Wherever you are and whatever the season, I will always send the help that you need. 


My love never stops loving and the promise of My provision is unstoppable. Draw out of the invisible with big thoughts of hope and I will lift you to the place where dreams become tangible. Anything is possible, so be expecting something wonderful! 


Believe in My promises and let out a joyful shout. Provisions are coming to you much easier! You’ll be blessed with the best I have to offer —abundant rains— and with the dew and the waters that are hidden beneath the surface. 


The weather has changed and I am opening up the reservoirs of My secret rains. A downpour of blessings is coming! Make room to receive as you expand your thoughts of faith like opening up an umbrella. Use plenty of hope and drive your imagination deep with believing. 


Now is the time for you to expand! You’ll be re-filled rapidly, with plenty running over. You are going to receive much much more than you are asking. I will far surpass your highest hopes and most outrageous prayers. 


Don’t underestimate what I will do. You had little before but now your wealth will increase significantly as I bless whatever you do! You’ll feast on the abundance of the sea, and then profit from the hidden treasures of the sand


From out of nowhere, I will show up with the drenching rains of My love. I will bring all that you need and you will dwell safely in My support. I will give you more than you hoped–so make sure that you have a big enough umbrella to collect it all!  





Written by Dannette Lynn



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