Love Letters

Daily Delivery


A love letter from the Father



I am providing extra help so that you can escape the irritating discomfort of agonizing stress. Let Me wash away your worries once and for all as you relax and rest in My personalized goodness. 


Darling child, disallow your heart to sit in the shadows of worry or chase after the lies that fear projects. Let’s turn things around for the positive now as the promises that I planted within emerge to the outside–like watering plants from the bottom up. 


I am going to carry you through some things as I bring My promises to the surface. Become weight-free as you hold onto Me and give Me the whole entirety of your concerns and worries. Lay your troubles into My hands and then don’t think about those things again. 


Heal and nourish your roots to prepare for an exquisite bloom. Replenish your faith as you raise your thoughts and attention to the outcome that you long to have. Cut out the thoughts of fear, worry, and doubt and refuse to consider a bad outcome. 


Bubble up with love as you hold My promises close to your heart. Concentrate on the things that you hope for as you stretch your roots to touch the quenching waters of My love.


Never forget–My faithful love is unfailing–and know that I will answer your prayers. You can expect My loyal love to generously pour over as I refill all of your needs from the inside out. 


I have set you apart and My beauty in your life will be very hard to deny. I am restoring peace, love, and happiness to your life and no matter what you do, you will prosper.


My love is tracking you down in such astonishing ways. You will always enjoy more than enough and you’ll have plenty to give away!


Be ready for Me to overwhelm you in more ways than you could ever imagine. I will show you a love like you have never known with a daily delivery of intentional gifts. Look for and fully expect My goodness–My endless attention to love you will never run out.  




Written by Dannette Lynn

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