Love Letters

Pearls of Comfort out of Despair


A love letter from the Father



All of your needs will be generously provided during this time. I am going to cause blessings to come out of the hurt and hidden pearls will emerge from out of the despair. The absence of hope from the overwhelming despair is being transformed into a tangible comfort–like creating the iridescent layers of a pearl. 


The deep disappointment that you felt, is like the foreign substance slips into the oyster between the mantle and the shell. The oyster’s natural reaction to irritation is to produce even more comfort. Since you have had more than enough trouble, I am sending you twice the comfort! 


I am right by your side to work things out to be the very best and make you feel contagious with joy. Continuously think that your prayers have been answered and before you know it, everything will come to the surface to settle you down. 


Breathe out every ounce of stress that you feel and inhale big My all-abiding peace. Lay the full weight of your worries into the palm of My hand and leave them there for good. I will always show you the tenderness of My love and care for all of those details that concern you. 


My dear, dear child! I love you so much! Let Me make it clear that I am on your side and I will be for you what you believe Me to be. Keep thinking that what you hope for will happen and I will cause your hope to become your happiest reality! 


What you focus on and think about is what expands in your life—just as the oyster grows in size, its shell must be enlarged. Always imagine the best things possible and not the worst. Gratitude opens the heart to receive, so fill your mind with the beautiful thoughts of a good outcome and overflow with thanksgiving. 


Something wonderful is about to happen! My unfathomable power is going to cause so many awe-inspiring and immeasurable things to be done—much greater than you could imagine! 


Things are suddenly going to change in your favor. Blessings are filling up generously for you, like clusters of sand dollars scattered across the ocean floor. I am opening up to you My private reserve of secret caches of valuables and wealth tucked away in secret places. I will reveal them to you and so much more! 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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