Love Letters

In No Time At All


A love letter from the Father



I am here to make things right and hold you up with the materialization of My invisible promise. Do you think I would leave you helpless and in need or allow you to fall from the protection of My support? In no way at all!Β 


I will not in any way fail you nor leave you without generous provisions. Dwell constantly in the stability of My comforting love. Come to the end of your own resistance as you humble yourself with an attitude of doubt-free trust.Β 


Offer your mind to Me as a place of worship and only allow thoughts of faith, hope, and love. Let go of your fears once and for all and choose to dwell only in positive and faith-filled thoughts.


With complete abandonment and a heart of dependence, lower yourself into trusting in the promises of My love and you are sure to experience the instant rewards of self-sacrifice and trust.Β 


Place every worry and need into My care and detach yourself from every thought and feeling of a bad or adverse outcome. Do not fear, you will not be humiliated at all.Β 


My love won’t give up on you! Stay connected to My promise and feel like it has already been done. Resist every doubt and be immovable in knowing that I will always show up with an abundance.Β 


Rest in My promises comfortably and put all of your focus on a good outcome–despite the outward conditions. Replace the worry with gratitude as you live in the end result of My promises.Β 


Anything you ask will come to pass for you! You can rely on My enduring love–no matter what! Believe that you have already received it and it will be yours!Β Β Β 


Help is coming quickly and with more than you hoped. I am giving you a big sigh of relief and putting a smile back on your face! It will be above and beyond what you ever thought–and faster than you ever imagined–in no time at all!





Written by Dannette Lynn


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