Love Letters

Comforted Again


A love letter from the Father



My friend, whom I dearly love, I will care for you always. Rest and truly trust My vows as I settle and soothe your mind. I will never desert you in your weakness or abandon you without help.


I will be your trusted comfort and lift you up from feeling downtrodden and despairing. You will be soothed from the distress and I will give you the comfort you need to settle down and rest.ย 


I already know everything that you need, there is nothing that is hidden from Me. Therefore try not to be so worried and uneasy about the concerns of your life. I will take care of you and look after you–just as I always have.ย 


You will not be in want or be overtaken by desperation. You will always be sheltered under My wings–no matter what. I am sending generous support to alleviate your stress.


Because I love youโ€”as a mother loves her childโ€”I will lead you to a restful place with plentiful provisions that continuously pour out with rejuvenating springs of water.


My promise to you will never be broken. Things are not as far away as they appear, believe it or not, the future is already here. I am leading you into better things, full of My goodness and bountiful increase.ย 


You will find abundant sustenance wherever you are–along the path or in the open hills–with extra comfort, security, and peace of mind. You can rely on My unwavering love and I will never forget to fulfill every promise.ย 


I will open up blessings upon blessings for you–even in this difficult time. My goodness and unfathomable love are wrapped around every moment of your life. Youโ€™ll have an abundant harvest with genuine blessings and you will have all that you need and be completely satisfied.ย 


My gentle care will soak away the sorrows of hardship and I will soften your needs with generous showers of comfort, as I bless the fruit of your ground. You are increasing now into the stability of easy blessings and I will be your comfort once again.ย 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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