Love Letters

Time After Time


A love letter from the Father



I promise you, I will always be there with you, as your most compassionate and reliable friend. When you are tempted to doubt, cling tenaciously to what you hope to occur with absolute trust in My kindness to help.ย 


I formed the vast heavens and shaped every last detail and I already know what you desire when you pray. Realize that all of My wealth is already in your hands. Infused with My strength and beauty–everything is yours!


Are you ready to be greatly replenished? Stay connected to the promise of My big-hearted provisions. Shine the light of My promise into a place that appears void of resources and absent of support. The place of sheer darkness will beam with beauty like a light-absorbing black diamond.ย 


Never allow the thoughts of what you hope to fade. If you have faith–nothing at all will be impossible for you! As you think–so shall it be!ย 


Overflow your mind with faith-filled thoughts and not the idea or awareness of lack. Meditate on My promises all day long and believe that your treasured hopes are absolutely sure to appear.ย 


Think beautiful thoughts and you will discover that beauty coming true! Celebrate receiving the news of a good outcome and shout the victory from sea to sea–even before it arrives!ย 


Continue to persist in the answer to your prayers, like black diamonds that form their beauty under pressure and through a repetitive pattern to form a clear-cut lattice.ย 


I will reveal My hoarded treasures to you and the tucked-away riches of undisclosed caverns. Diamond dreams from the unseen are rising up from within you!ย 


You will see My personal generosity and My incredible wonders of the deep. Like going down to discover the secrets in the sea and finding hidden treasures within the great water.ย 


Acres of diamonds are available to you and those that fall to the earth as meteorites. I am opening up new places for My abundance to flow, like freely pouring out hematite gems from the ocean depths straight into your hands.ย 


You will be immersed with more than enough–like glittering black hematite gems that are hiding on the bottom of the ocean floor. They are the most abundant mineral on the surface of the Earth and in the midst of the shallow crust.ย 


The sunken prismatic gems that are shaped as rosettes, and called โ€˜iron rosesโ€™ of the expanse, resemble the abundance ofย  My intentional love for you! You can be sure that I will take care of all of your needs, My generosity far exceeds even yours!ย 


You will fill up on the prosperity of the sea and reap secret reserves of My personal funding. I will flood you with even more–and you will experience the drenching of an abundance.ย 


You will always have everything you need and plenty left over–and not enough room to keep it all for yourself. Prepare to experience first hand, the blessing that issues from My generous blessing–not only once, but time after time!ย 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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