Love Letters

Time to Bloom


A love letter from the Father



I know that you have walked through the embers of shame, loss, and deterioration. It has hurt beyond what you have ever thought, like old withered flower petals that have burned down to ash. Yet, the intense flames of devastation have cleared out the shrubs and weeds to allow for new flowers to grow. 


The gaping mark left by great destruction has blessed you for something even more spectacular to arrive! I will honor My bond of love with you to turn back the time and restore the areas that the fire has ravaged. I am bringing the change that you are aching for with a budding new life to thrive and flourish. 


The place that the fire devastated the most will be made captivating and alluring with instantaneous results. I am restoring you with beauty in abundance, more than you expect—until it grows out of control in a plethora! 


Lay the deep grief and anguish down at My feet and prepare for a captivating renewal. You are rising out of the shame and pain to be restored with twice the honor and beauty. 


I am here to restore your strength and give vitality to withering blooms worn down with age. I will handle the details to give you a much-needed rest. Just close your eyes to the present problems and think only from the place of your promises in fulfillment.


Transformation starts with what you think about. You are no longer struck by tiredness and the elegance that was lost. I have delivered you from a life in ruins that faded away from the effects of age and time. 


See yourself where you long to be–in a place where unimaginable wonders exist. Wrap your attention around the heart-warming sensation of receiving a rich bouquet of roses as an expression of true love. Imagine the unbridled happiness that you will feel when it happens!


Like regrowing lovely petals that fell to the ground and blooming with new colors of breathtaking hues, your youth is being restored to better than it ever was before. I will make a miracle for you and raise you out of the ashes completely transformed. 


 I am changing past mistakes into beauty so that you can always walk with your head held high. Trust in Me and soon you will see a more abundant life–better than you ever dreamed! You will always be refreshed with My energizing love—never winded and never weary–and restored to the times that you treasure the most.


From this moment, it will only get better and better. I will restore what the devourer has eaten and I will give back double for your pain. Your face will glisten with glory, and you will never again feel ashamed. 


An unimaginable change will happen at a molecular level and you will never wear the shame of time stolen again. As it happens, your heart will nearly leap out of your chest! You are blooming into a life renewed with everything that you love! 




Written by Dannette Lynn Ward

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