Love Letters

A Shortcut


A love letter from the Father 



Don’t be afraid, My dear one—My beloved. Out of My enduring love, compassion, and concern–I will rescue you and carry you through this. I helped you before and I will help you again. I will care for you and keep My personal promise. 


I am taking you through an easier and more direct route to what you desire. This will bring a big change–to save you time and effort. I will love you and bless you and give you so much to celebrate! 


Sink into My devoted love as the rich soil where your prayers take root. My wraparound love flourishes to establish a rich abundance–even in drought-like conditions. 


My promise to care for you never ends. I will never fail to supply all of your needs out of My incredible riches. Love grows! I will surpass every blessing that you have previously experienced. Expect to experience more and more! 


I am immersing you in a transforming life change, to bring gifts of My love to the surface. So listen: Keep on expecting, and you will receive even more than what you thought. 


Ground your hope in My goodness, out of My promise comes an abundance. Even as you love to give good gifts, how much more will I pour out My love to cover your requests! 


Imagine what can happen! I will mark your life by My love, as the delight of My life! You’ll be blessed with the best I have to offer–abundant blessings— and carpets of beautiful blooms to cover the ground. 


Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than the instantaneous bloom of My personal promise! You can rely on the promise of My love. Wherever you are, you will be protected from poverty and oppression. 


You will gain more and more! I am guiding you into a place of leisurely rest–and you will see for yourself how much I love to give and give and give! 


You are being nourished and comforted from your distress. I’ll cover the ground for you to walk with tender roses of My intentional kindness and love!


 I’ll take you through a secret way that will be better than you could ever ask. I am pouring out effortless blessings to you, like sun-ripened figs shaken off of a tree to fall right into your hands.  


You will reach your desire much quicker as we avoid the long path of hardship! Everything will be easier as I take you on a shortcut to immense comfort to alleviate your worries. 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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