Love Letters

Rest with the Cows


A love letter from the Father



Rest with the cows and recline with satisfied relief. You will enjoy the plentiful ground of My goodness and indulge in the delights of living with privilege. I never miss anything and I am ready to deliver the comforting fulfillment that I promised. 


Just as a cow loves to peacefully graze and enjoy a sun-kissed nap, slow down your thoughts, and rest in what I have promised. Cows need to lie down in comfortable places and rest during most of their days to be able to ruminate and produce much milk.


Like a calf nuzzling his mother for the nourishment that he needs, what I have promised you will begin to flow easily into fulfillment as you rest in My words. The milk let-down is released by the love hormone, oxytocin, as the calf is embraced by the feelings of relaxation, trust, and stability.


Give Me those burdens that have made you unsettled, troubled, tormented with worry. I am right here with you and I will rescue you and help you breathe easy. I will always care for you with attentiveness, so rest in My love for you! 


I love to help! Don’t even worry about those hurdles that you dread. I have better things in mind for you—to give you what you hope for instead! You’ll get what you’re looking forward to–and much more! 


Open up to possibilities as you draw out the tangible beauty of My words from within. Your face will glow and become flush with the abundance of My love rising up. Imagine My love is everywhere, holding every detail that has you concerned. 


I am setting you in a place of extravagant rest in the green fields of My provisional love. You will be completely comforted and calmed from every fear, as I spread out a plethora and gifts of unending help–in the midst of every attack. 


I am opening up more goodness than you are prepared to experience! It will be very good—a wide, open space—a rich and productive land flowing with milk and honey. 


You are no longer going to feel famished with want, but you will celebrate with more than enough. Rest with the cows, as I replenish and refill your needs with an oasis of soothing comfort. Every good thing that you need—I will provide over and over! 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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