Love Letters

Quick to Comfort


A love letter from the Father



You, My beloved, are worth so much more to Me than you even realize. I already know about all that you need, so do not fear or be worried. Every part of your life is My concern and all of your needs are before My eyes.Β 


I gave you a Divine promise to take care of you and that is what I will do! I will in no way give up on you or leave you without support. I will not relax My comforts in your life or allow you to be helpless. I will carry you–so devotely, loving, and tender.Β 


Rest safely in My words as I protect you all night and day. Have faith in Me always, My dear, as I shelter you in My arms with compassion and mercy. I will continue to pour out My goodness to you–and you will not be in want.


I will richly reward your sacrifice of trust and it will only get better from now on. Things will only get better and better, as I greatly increase you, and give you a chance to get ahead.Β 


I won’t just restore you to an abundance–but I will take your breath away–with the magnificence of My wondrous love! I will not allow your resources to dwindle away, but I will refill you with more than you hope and even better than you prayed.Β 


Hold onto expecting good news and smile your biggest smile yet! My blessings are coming quickly to relieve you with comfort. I am bringing My promises to full life–just as I said I would do! The dry and barren ground will swiftly fill up with overflowing pools of refreshing.Β 


All of your needs will be refilled as I rebuild your life into what you have wanted. From the discomfort of your faith being stretched, you have expanded and made more room to be tremendously blessed!Β 


The beautiful possibilities are endless! Push past the doubts and focus on clear, positive results. Before you even started to pray, an answer was given! Believe that you have received what you hoped–and I guarantee that you will have it.


Nothing can separate you from the covenant of My love. You will have all that you need and plenty left over, as I cover you with quick comfort. You will continue to be filled more and more, like a down-filled pillow that always returns to a fluffy cluster of rich support.Β 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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