Love Letters

Good things will just come


A love letter from the Father



You have been carrying burdens that you should not have to carry. Lay every last fear and worry into My hands and trust Me to take care of you with the ultimate demonstrations of kindness and love. My promises will never fail you and I will never disappoint you!


I am giving you extra care and an opportunity to breathe a fresh sigh of relief. You are moving into greater freedom that defies all boundaries and breaking free from the fear of lack. My supply for you is always an endless ocean that never runs out. 


Decide what you want to be done and I will make it so. Put it all on the line and indulge all of your senses to feel like it has already arrived. Open your heart with faith and gratitude as you receive everything and more! 


Focus on what you hope to happen and not the problem or thing that seems lacking. Ignore the projected outcomes that fear tries to bring and concentrate on your promises. Don’t lose sight of what you have prayed for. Get your hopes up, because I am uncovering a big surprise! 


Have absolute confidence that you will get what you prayed for. By faith, you have the legal proof of ownership that those things that you are hoping for are going to be accomplished. I will meet you at your faith to do superabundantly more than you can dare to ask! 


Expect the unexpected–this will be the best upgrade ever–to give you the security that you desire. I will bless you beyond measure, at last, you’ll be able to unwind and enjoy an abundance. 


By faith, the things that you have hoped for are materializing and becoming visible to give you a good outcome. Rest in your hopes and believe that they have already been given. Things will show up in surprising ways! 


Instead of getting what you dread, I will cause things to be super easy and blissful. Good things will just come to you! Each day My love gifts will pile up more and more–to set you free from torments of pressure– sooner than you expected. 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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