Love Letters

More than you ever thought


A love letter from the Father




Don’t look at how far you have to fall, I won’t let you down or relax My hold on you. Instead, I am taking you to the next level. Put your hand in Mine and try to relax and take it easy. Be at peace, I am giving you the relief to rest and finally breathe freely.


I will do the rest for you and I’ll take you on a beautiful voyage. It will be the big blue ocean of abundance–with Me and you! You will see things become very appealing–no matter which way that you look. 


As your dream begins to come into focus, you will discover that you have received all you could ever hope for and more. The past is in the past. It’s no longer a good thing to look back.


I will sponsor your dreams and submerge you into a vast place of easier living. Things will quickly shift into pleasure as we take off into this ride of effortless beauty. 


I will hold your hand and make it easier for you to breathe without disturbances. You will fly like an eagle underwater as you spread your long wings to effortlessly soar. 


Like an eagle ray with diamond-shaped spots, the markings are like human fingerprints, no two are alike. I know every detail of what you think and I am fully aware of the longings of your heart.  


I placed those heart desires within you so that I could fulfill them and show you the intentional ways of My love. I am going to give you more than you hope and exceed your most outrageous prayer!


Cross the distance of the open water as you give Me your requests. Think about your hopes and not your fears, as you gracefully fly through the water. If it’s something that you desire–how much more do I desire to give it to you! 


You can relax and enjoy the views as I relieve your anxieties and take you into a place of ultimate comfort. I will give you elevated trust and confidence, as I move you into a relaxing setting of upraised support. 


I am enveloping you with unfading beauty and unending support to enhance your experience of knowing My luxurious promise. Believe that you will receive what you pray! Not only will I give you the fulfillment, but it will be the best that there is to find. Without a doubt–I am going to show you more than you ever thought! 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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