Love Letters

Time for a Feast


A love letter from the Father 


Like the stars that dazzle across the black velvet of night, some of the most beautiful moments of your life will arrive in times when there didn’t appear to be anything in sight. 


Lay your head back and gaze upon the glittering stars of the promises that I have made, like an elephant recalling the distant watering holes that he has encountered in the past. 


Slow your breathing and concentrate on what I have proclaimed. Inhale deep the immense presence of My love. Release all of those worries of things that could go bad and let a big exhale out. 


Ponder My vows over and over, like memories stored in your heart and mind. Don’t even worry about tomorrow. I have already gone ahead of you to take care of everything. 


Let your faith be focused on today and feel the water of My support pulsating under your feet. Trust Me to be loyal and true with all of your heart. My promise will always hold you up in good times and bad. 


Sit back and relax. I will always have your back! No need to worry, you will always have everything that you need. Deep in your memory, you know that I will supply. Soon you’ll be feasting like an elephant on the watery bark of the baobab trees. 


Tell Me everything that you would like to be done and thank Me in advance. Fill your mind with beautiful things coming true and thoughts of a good outcome that you hope to have. If you believe that it will be done, then it will be done for you! 


You are loved! There are so many new wonders for you to see as I lead you into a pampered life. Like a matriarch elephant leading the herd, I will watch over every aspect of your life and show you where to find the riches that I have hidden for this time. 


You are stepping into a flood season and it will be a joyful time. The driest places will become a lush oasis that rises from the dust. There is beauty on the horizon to reveal a sight rarely seen.


An abundant river flows from My heart to fill and refill you–effortlessly with all that you need. Good news is about to show up to remind you just how much you are loved! 


Great change is coming as I take you into a wide-open place of plenty. You’ll finally have the freedom to move and breathe. The dry dusty ground is swelling up with nourishing floodwaters as every detail of your life is immersed in My love. 


It’s time for a feast! There will be an unexpected surprise and suddenly your troubles will be so much lighter! You will have more than you expect as you encounter My goodness in overflowing fullness again and again. 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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