Love Letters

Miracle After Miracle


A love letter from the Father



Let Me lighten your load. I am taking you into a time to relax, have fun, and get away from your troubles. Don’t be worried, there is nothing that you can do to mess up the fruition of what I have foretold. 


You can count on Me always and forever. No matter what, I have you covered! I won’t betray your trust and I never have. Come, let’s go on an unforgettable adventure. My love is leading you into the wondrous fulfillment of many promises.


You are always connected to My promise. I’m your Dad and I remember everything! I said that I would be here and I would never lie to you. I will cause your fears to dissolve into uncontainable joy and laughter. 


My love is always encircling and empowering you with miracles of deliverance. I am true to My words and I am answering your request with a time to catch your breath. 


The words that I have promised will materialize and take shape so that what will be seen is framed by the invisible movement of My love. 


Have faith in what you have prayed for. When you are back and forth, you get back and forth results. Allow My words to settle unquestionably in your heart. Never have a doubt–ask what you will–and it shall be done. 


Move out of your comfort zone as you live and breathe My intentional love. Don’t waste your miracles by concentrating on your pain. You know deep in your heart that I will always hold you up. 


Go by what I have said and not the way this situation looks. Like a narwhal of the sea, let yourself see through sound. By this kind of faith, you will always obtain Divine approval.


Go deeper yet–like an arctic narwhal–and explore the endless supply of My limitless love. The whimsical-looking whales are some of the deepest divers ever. They explore the great depths near the icy edge where the largest fish hide.


Let yourself fall from the fiery pressures as you give yourself completely to depend on My promise. Unburden yourself and let go of disbelief, worry, and fear. 


Shut down the many scenarios of ‘what if’ and dive deeper into trust. Thinking too long can cause you to get it wrong. Don’t think twice, it will be alright. Choose to trust My direction, even when you don’t understand. 


Thoughts of ‘maybe’ means you’re not all sure. Decide once and for all to trust My words with all of your heart. Moving into your dreams will require a leap of faith. 


Let go and jump in. Move into the unknown and trust Me in the open waters as I increase your life for the better. I am giving you freedom from limitations and financial peace so that you can encounter the abundant riches of My supply. 


Ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be full. Joy never lies! Live in the joyous expectancy of the best and the best will be what you get. You will experience for yourself My goodness as you feast with plenty. 


I am opening up doors to all of My goodness, favor, and love. You will encounter awe-inspiring and immeasurable things that are greater than you could ever ask.


I am unveiling to you the secrets of the riches of the deep waters. There will be miracles after miracles, happening all at once. 





Written by Dannette Lynn


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