Love Letters

You are Blessed


A love letter from Jesus


Even in the scorching heat of this trial with the sun beating down on your skin, you are blessed. My Sovereign rule is chasing away the attack of famine and replenishing you in the places that are withered and depleted from moisture.ย 


There will always be a constant supply. I am freeing you from the grip of being buried alive from troubles. With a wave of My hand, I will make a path for you to safely cross over into extra-gentle comforts.ย 


With My own hands, I will defend you and pull you out of the dirt and debris. I am here to hold you close! Iโ€™ll be your rescuing knight to carry you safely to My castle of protective love.ย 


You are beautifully blessed and I will do good for you once again! As the support of your life, I am setting you gently in a new place of manifested hopes. Your face will be beaming from My bounty–and I will convert your weeping into the joy of finding lavish comfort.ย 


Oh, let Me love you–right now!–Iโ€™ll hold you up! Just the way that I promised. You are My beloved bride and I am providing everything that you need for you to live comfortably for the rest of your life.ย 


I am encircled around every detail of your life and I am moving quickly to comfort you and put a song of relief back on your lips. Youโ€™ll only increase with better and better from here on out.ย 


Your face will glow with fresh radiance streaming from My love. I will help you to haul in riches from the sea and treasures of My goodness will pour off the tops of mountains and into your hands.ย 


Oh yes, you are about to experience luxurious drips of Heavenโ€™s dew. I have already paid the price and I will make it easy, so easy for you! You are soon to arrive at a soothing and comforting place. You are blessed! Prepare for a better life, with more than you have ever dreamed!



Written by Dannette Lynn

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