Love Letters

Beyond Amazing


A love letter from the Father




Although you have undergone unbelievable attacks, I am lifting you up with many surprises of My devoted love. It was hard, I understand. But the sweetness of the rise is made better by knowing the taste of being down so low.


Forget the past. Forget the pain. I can see right into your heart and I know just what you are thinking. I know what you will request before your thought is even formed and I know what you need in more detail than you even know.Β 


Breathe, My precious child, and let Me ease your mind. You’ll be loved, blessed, and increased beyond measure. Don’t be scared to hope. Expose the shadows of doubt with the light of hopeful thoughts and they will be gone.Β 


Stay above your enemies with optimistic thoughts, like a tall giraffe towering over the sand spiders that hide in the dirt. I have saved you before and I will save you again. Believe for good news! You’ll be able to kick your feet up and coast on through.Β 


Fear beckons fear and miracles beckon miracles. How can you enter something new with the fear of suffering again hanging over your head? You need to release the fears to move on. So let go and be happy!Β 


The lower the descent, the higher the rise! Move with confidence as you rise to uncharted heights. I’ll make sure that you always land on your feet. You have reached a new beginning, where you can comfortably reach the tree-tops of plenty.Β 


Let your hope be a beacon to what will come. You are not even prepared for this much goodness. Shine the light in and embrace this miracle time. If you are going to dream, then dream big! I promise it will be worth it!Β 


Look to the future, believing that everything will be as you hope and better than you expect! I’ll give you My personal care, no matter what. You’ll enjoy more than enough, like a giraffe feeding off of the leaves of the treetops.Β 


I will always be a safe place to call home, like leaves that form a canopy of refuge on a tree in the shape of an umbrella. My love will provide and protect, and like the leaves of a tree, there will always be an abundance.Β 


Find refuge in the canopy of My love, and I’ll keep you cool and comfortable when there is drought and the sun is burning. Relax here in My sovereign care and allow yourself to soak in the nourishing support of My love.


Don’t think too narrowly about what can be done. I am capable of so much more than you know. My promise to you does not come and go. It lasts and endures in every situation–with so much love–and so loyal!Β 


Like leaves with intricate details and water inside of their cells, my miracle-wonder love for you will far exceed anything you have ever knownβ€” or ever hoped to know. Things are changingΒ and it will be beyond amazing!Β 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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