Love Letters

Biggest Upgrade Yet


A love letter from the Father



You are never alone in all of this. I will always stand up for you, My dear little one. You’ll be eased into comfort once again, as I provide you with rest on all sides from the clamor of enemy hate and chaos. 


You will be relieved from distress and calmed by My gentleness. I will provide a safe harbor from the winds blowing against your back and I will shelter you from the oppressors’ attacks.


You will prosper wonderfully, My child! I love you so much! I will carry you like a baby wrapped protectively in My arms and embraced close to My heart. 


I give you my personal guarantee that I will never stop looking out for you. I will never give you a promise that I cannot keep. There is nothing over My word. I am in charge of it all with the final authority. I won’t miss a thing! 


This is your biggest upgrade yet! From this point onward, I will make good things happen for you. The opposition will be tossed out like old useless rags, but I will make your crown sparkle with splendor. 


There is so much more that I am capable of than what you have asked. Explore the infinite sea of My endless love. You will see My power explode into brilliance through your faith and trust. 


With sheer joy, you won’t be able to keep quiet, as My vibrant beauty radiates from the inside out. Blessings will suddenly overflow–deeper than the sea and too numerous to count.


All over again, I will settle you with comfort and rest. I am swaddling you in the comforts of My goodness–and crowning you with beauty and love. You’ll be soothed with extra kindness–and I will help you again–just as before. 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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