Love Letters

Because I Love You


A love letter from the Father



Look up from your grief and raise your head. Lift up your eyes, and watch your heart’s desire come to pass. I am not far away and you are being filled. The details of your life are always on My mind, always My concern. I love you, don’t ever doubt that! 


Rest in the true peace of knowing that I will help you again and again and again. There is no end to the promise that I have given. I am here to restore comfort to your soul and deliver immense relief to help you relax and breathe easily.


I will cause you to forget your hardship. I am giving twice the reward for your suffering–of double prosperity! My unfailing love is leaning in close to comfort you and keep My promise. It will be like sitting on a cloud—without the pressures or restraint. 


I am giving you higher confidence in My devoted love, as I greatly increase your status and comfort you once again. I am taking you up to a more restful place, where you can enjoy the rejuvenating refreshments of My personal support. 


I will make your way easy. Expect more and more tangible expressions of My love! The things that I foretold are springing up! At the simple command of My lips, all of creation will obey and stand its ground. 


I am filling your world with all of the resources of My love. You’ll be filled with as much as you can carry–and there will always be more than enough! You’ll get more than what you have asked and well beyond all that you hope. 


The water levels are rising up by the words that I spoke. Out of My sovereign care, you will comfortably rest as your wealth is growing and growing. The more that you are afflicted, the more that you are blessed. 


Those who sought to pull you down have only caused you to be lifted higher. The very ones who have resisted your journey will become the greatest endorsers of your story. 


Out of the attacks and difficulties of trouble, you are being elevated with honor and blessed with twice as much! You’ll find exactly what you need and be quieted with the intentional affections of My love. 


My goodness and favor rest upon you and those who hate you with critical thoughts will be highly ashamed and embarrassed when they see that your path was directed by My heart. 


Wherever you are–you will find My loving sustenance. Along the roads or in the rising hills–you’ll discover comfort, security, and peace of mind. I will always be extra tender and protective towards you–because I love you–as a mother loves her child. 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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