Love Letters

Pleasantly Surprised


A love letter from the Father



Look up, dear one, and see the rescue of My love coming down like sparkling snowflakes fluttering to the ground. I will cause you to lift up over this difficulty, like a figure skater dancing on the frozen water.ย 


Take the pressure off of yourself and entrust yourself into My keeping. I will comfort you, again and again! Just let go of your worries and relax knowing that what you hope for will be done.ย 


Tell yourself to be confident and unmovedโ€”not even the powers of hell can separate you from the vows of My love and support. You can rely on My enduring love; My promise to you will remain forever.ย 


You will be wonderfully blessed in the midst of this attack, as I cover your needs like glistening snow in abundant blankets over the grass. Youโ€™ll be pleasantly surprised! Youโ€™ll be helped again with My kindness and comfort!ย 


It will be done just as you have asked. I will generously fill every need that you have with plenty left over. You will Joyfully draw from the wells of My saving love, like filling up buckets of glittering snow.ย 


I will never, never stop showing you My support. I have never quit loving you and I never will! My blessings will continue to flow, so expect to be blessed to an even greater extent.ย 


Youโ€™ll be comforted! I am opening up the secret wealth reserved for the times of warfare. Youโ€™ll get used to receiving–even more than you ever have! I am raining down hidden riches that sparkle like diamonds and melt into your hands.ย 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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