Love Letters



A love letter from the Father



Stand on My promise. My love will never let you down or fail to supply you with comforting support. You can count on My faithful help to remain constant and enduring, always!Β 


Focus on My words with all that you are and block out the distractions of doubt and worry. Use My promises as your defense, just like the black markings on a raccoon, that help him see clearly. The dark color of his fur absorbs the light and reduces the glare attempts to bounce into his eyes.Β 


I will not leave you helpless or forget you. I will never let you down. Trust and rely on Me and you will never be disappointed in your expectations. Expect to see more than ever before.Β 


Just picture it! I have spread out an array of abundant provisions for you; despite the attacks. You will be diligently cared for and I will take care of all of your needs–so relax.Β 


I will saturate your life with wealth from all over the world. Like a thundering river, the riches will come down. Like a baby securely held in My arms, you will be carried, nourished, and comforted.Β 


Call out My name and ask for anything! Believe that you have received it, and it will be yours! I will always be with you and provide you with help. You will be brimming with the sweet comforts of My loving hand–filled and overflowing–again and again.



Written by Dannette Lynn


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