Love Letters

Sooner than you Hope


A love letter from the Father



I will comfort you, even in the midst of your troubles. I am singing over the wounds that you have endured, to silence the suffering of the night and to turn your tears into blessings.


I will always stay right beside you to show you that the loving force of My promise is unstoppable. You will not only survive where you have been, but you will prosper on the heights and take comfort under My wings of refuge.ย ย 


Let the good news ring out as you live as though your prayers have been answered. Donโ€™t be afraid! You will be thrilled to see the tangible display of My kindness and love rescue in action.ย 


I am moving at a pace that is faster than the ocean to reward your faith with an element of surprise. Suddenly your prayers will come to pass! I am uncovering the gifts that I have reserved behind the doors of the ancient sea depths.ย 


You will live as My royal child–truly blessed–beyond all limits. You can be sure that I will keep you comfortable and blessed in every season!ย 


Like a large and sudden displacement along the ocean floor, I am causing a force of blessings for you to radiate outward in all directions. You will encounter immense relief and celebrate even more–as I ensure that you are totally refreshed!


To your surprise– the water is bubbling and ready to rise–the release is going to be huge. Iโ€™ll open up the seaโ€™s tidewaters and reveal hidden riches. You will be completely replenished as you draw out of My treasures from the deepest caverns.ย 


Even after this, I am not even done flooding you with provisions. You will still gather more–until you are ridiculously blessed beyond reason. Because anyone who puts trust in My words will be blessed and comforted!


A big wave of blessings is coming to take you by surprise–and much sooner than you hope. Youโ€™ll find yourself collecting from My hidden stash, like scooping wealth out of the wind-driven waves and filling up out of the ocean basins.ย 


You will find so much more than you’re prepared to explore, as the infamous gates of My personal goodness are unveiled to you. Out of the blue–your hopes will come true–with instant doors opened effortlessly to you.ย 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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