Love Letters

In the place of your sorrow




Tell your heart to be calm, it is going to be okay. That is enough heavy lifting for now–you can take a load off and recover from the strain. 


You have passed the test of faith and your prayers are being delivered. My promises are always true and I am always here to bathe your soul in kindness and comfort. 


Although you have felt hard times and experienced miserable days, I am raising you up out of the impoverished ground into a beautiful experience of restoration and overflowing honor.


You will continue to increase and prosper more and more. You’ll be revived with plentiful fortunes that will not be diminished nor dwindle away as a sandcastle washed away from the waves and high water. 


You will be seated in a place of great respect and influence because you have chosen to trust in My ways above your own.  


You will enjoy an abundance and even more than you expect. Things will turn out exactly as you hope–and even better! 


I am taking your comfort to the next level, to cause you to feel completely nourished and refreshed. I am keeping My promise! The dry worn-out paths will spring back to life from sudden-surprise rains to soothe and replenish. 


You will fully forget all of your hardships and the pain that you have endured. I have blessed you–twice as much–in the place of your affliction and sorrow.




Written by Dannette Lynn


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